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AT is located in Akron, Ohio and produces sophisticated Test Equipment for companies, especially tire companies, using rubber and elastomers in their products, requested help developing a new layout and for their new manufacturing and headquarters facility. They also requested help planning and executing their move.


Plan and execute the relocation of all production, warehousing and headquarters operations in less than 8 months with no negative impact to customers. The company was dissatisfied with their existing location and planned to move to new space in Hudson, Ohio. Premier Development Partners was developing a first-class industrial space at Hudson Crossing Business Park. AT’s heavy shipment season was in the 4th quarter so the move had to be completed by end of September. AT expected to improve their productivity, create a more attractive environment for entertaining customers, provide room for growth.  


A new layout was developed based on Lean Principles to minimize inventory and minimize material and personnel travel paths was developed in AutoCAD. A 500 line PERT project plan was developed to manage move planning and move execution. Weekly project management meetings were rigorously held to ensure plan execution and resolve issues on a timely basis. The move was executed on time and on budget and the projected operating goals were achieved.

AutoCAD Layout–New Test Equipment Manufacturing Facility
High Level Project Plan


The facility has become a showplace for customer visits and productivity and capacity goals have been met.

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